Sunday, November 7, 2010

oh antoni!

just to start off, these images are not my own, but if i can one day produce images with such beautiful detail to tones, colours and content,  i will feel absolutely accomplished and content. i only recently discovered georges antoni's work and fell  unquestionably in love. each image is so well thought out, and executed beautifully. bravo. have not felt so inspired by an artist in quite a while! i have always considered colour one of the most important aspects in creating imagery so its wonderful to find someone who in my opinion has nailed it. 

how cool is that last image. so effortlessly amazing. sigh.
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  1. Yess Antoni is an absolute master of light. Much love for his work!

  2. Definitely a great photographer. I think what also sets him out is that unlike most photography done today, he stays very clear of shallow DOF. He creates an entire scene as the human eye would except to see it, that requires a great deal of skill of pull off well.

  3. Definitely the kind of work I would love to be part of creating..ONEDAY!!