Sunday, November 14, 2010

bete noire

another little preview!
i shot this of abby @ red 11 for  amalia, and old friend from high school who made this kick ass collection for her final year at whitecliff. its sexy, vampy, seductive and has some bondage type elements in the leather laceup bodysuits and pvc body casts. seriously amazing construction and work has gone into this collection. titled bete noire. interestingly enough the term bête noire is french for "black beast" and is commonly used to refer to an object or abstract idea that is disliked or avoided. hmmm. there is certainly nothing to be disliked about this collection! 
the whitecliff fashion show on the 20th of november will showcase the rest of the designs on the runway. the other outfits just get better and better!
thanks to holly who assisted me, chris lorimer for letting us invade your workroom for the day and phoebe leonard who did an amazing job interpreting the makeup to suit the clothing. looking forward to sharing the rest of the shoot :)

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